21 Day Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Weight Transformation

It's Time to Reach Your Goal Weight and Stay There!

21 Day Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Weight Transformation

The Root Cause No One Addresses

Ever lost weight, then gained it right back? Poor diet or exercise choices aren’t to blame – it’s the unhealthy thought patterns that drive those choices and sabotage your efforts! The good news is that by combining mindset training with gradual, sustainable lifestyle improvement, you’re completely capable of reaching your goal weight and staying there!


Hi! I’m Deb. As a former exercise physiologist with a BS in Exercise Science, I had all of the education and information I needed to easily get and stay in shape.

Except…I couldn’t!

After years of losing weight and quickly gaining it back, I realized the problem wasn’t the food or the workouts.

It was my mindset that was sabotaging me.

Deb Takes Her Life Back

So I got to work researching exactly how to take control of my thought patterns, to finally reach my goal weight and stay there. I turned psychological concepts and research into practical action plans, and experienced a complete transformation.

Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss in 21 Days

Are you ready to reset your self-sabotaging thought patterns? To finally reach your goal weight and stay there? Through a combination of mindset retraining and gradual lifestyle improvement, the 21 Day Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Weight Transformation ebook will empower, enable, and inspire you to transform your mindset regarding healthy behaviors, reach your goal weight through sustainable means, and stay there for good!

Everything You Need to Reach Your Healthiest Weight and Stay There

21 Day Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Weight Transformation

Plus, expand on ideas found in the ebook with ten printable resources and two custom workouts!

Happiness Guarantee: If you download this ebook, commit to the full 21 days, and aren’t completely satisfied, we promise a full refund. You’ll just need to request it within 30 days of purchase!

Readers Are Loving Their Transformations!

Jen “I love how Deb lays out the science behind nutrition and mindset in a way that makes total sense!”

Maribel “This plan allows for failures and weaknesses and real life. No one does that!”

Alicia “This has been such an encouraging book! It’s full of fantastic tips not only about health, but about developing a more positive view of life in general. It’s taught me exactly how to decide to have a good day before the day even starts.”