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How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner That You BOTH Enjoy

Ever feel like you and your spouse are veeeeery different? Like…night-and-day different from each other?

Friend, I feel you! My husband likes to build and shoot guns, play the drums, and follow mixed martial arts. I like to write, collect and read antique books, and take long walks alone.

I had zero interest in guns or MMA (I tried really hard to like them!) and zero talent for playing the drums. Meanwhile, my husband didn’t enjoy reading or taking walks.

It left me wondering how to find common interests with your partner! Once you try each other’s hobbies out and just can’t connect over them…what’s next?!

How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner by Understanding Each Other’s Interests

Finding common interests with your partner can be a great way to deepen your connection and foster understanding. But first, it’s important to take the time to truly understand each other’s individual interests, as this allows you to recognize areas of compatibility.

One effective way to understand your partner’s interests is through open communication.

Engage in conversations about what each of you enjoys doing, values, and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as this demonstrates your genuine interest in understanding their preferences and core values.

It’s essential to remember that you and your partner may have distinct interests, and that’s perfectly fine.

Embrace these differences and try to identify individual interests that could be merged into activities you can both enjoy. For example, if one of you loves painting and the other loves being outdoors, you could spend an afternoon painting landscapes together.

Creating a list of your interests can also help you both visualize areas of overlap.

Sit down together and write down your hobbies, favorite TV shows, sports teams, or causes you care about. This exercise can lead to finding common ground that perhaps you didn’t initially realize.

How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner You BOTH Enjoy

How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner by Finding Common Ground

Now that you’ve discussed your individual interests, how can you find common ground? The first and most obvious choice is to capitalize on shared interests, whether it’s a hobby, a sports team, or even a musician or comedian you both like.

Discuss and Connect Over Shared Interests

If you uncover some shared interests, nurture those connections by engaging in activities together.

For example, if you both love cooking, experiment with new recipes or take a cooking class to enhance your skills. Attending events related to your common interests, like concerts, sports games, or art exhibitions, can also provide opportunities for bonding and deepening your connection.

You can even bond over binge-watching TV shows you both enjoy or playing a favorite video game, app, or board game together. Whether you both love walking the dog, keeping up with celebrity gossip, or texting Nicolas Cage GIFs, no shared interest is too small to provide bonding opportunities.

Compromise on Differing Interests

At a complete loss for shared interests? Finding common ground with your partner can also be achieved by compromising on differing interests.

It’s essential to recognize that both of you have unique hobbies and passions. Instead of dismissing each other’s interests, try to find a middle ground where you can both enjoy an activity.

For example, if one of you enjoys walking and the other prefers spending time at the gym, maybe you can go for a walk at a fitness park where you can both walk and use the outdoor fitness equipment.

Lastly, be open to trying new activities or learning about your partner’s passions.

Even if something doesn’t seem exciting to you at first, participating in it together can often lead to newfound enjoyment. Plus, your willingness to partake in their interests can also deepen your bond with one another.

Taking turns in trying out each other’s interests and participating in new experiences together not only helps you find common ground, but it can also strengthen your bond and create lasting memories.

Find Common Interests with Your Partner to Build Your Relationship

Planning Date Nights

Regular date nights can offer a great way to strengthen your relationship and find common interests. By scheduling dedicated time for each other, you can explore new activities and create shared experiences.

Consider taking turns in planning date nights, allowing each partner to introduce hobbies or interests they find enjoyable. This can include trying out a new recipe and cooking together, attending a concert, or embarking on a weekend getaway to a nearby city.

Being open to new experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone during date nights can also help you discover new interests you may not have considered before. For example, if your partner loves hiking but you’ve never tried it, give it a chance – you might find that you enjoy the challenge and the time spent outdoors together.

Trying New Hobbies Together

Actively seeking and trying new hobbies together can also enrich your relationship and create lasting memories. As you explore various activities, you might find common ground and mutual interests that can bring you even closer as a couple.

Sharing a hobby offers a meaningful way to bond and spend quality time together. Plus, it’s always fun and exciting to learn something new with your partner.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Join a local club or group that aligns with both of your interests, such as a photography club or a book discussion group.
  • Attend a dance or cooking class together to learn new skills and have a fun evening.
  • Travel to destinations that both of you are curious about and immerse yourselves in the local culture.
  • Volunteering for a cause you both care about can lead to a greater sense of connection and shared purpose in your relationship.

Remember, the key to building a strong relationship through shared activities is openness, communication, and willingness to explore new hobbies and experiences together. By investing time and effort into discovering common interests, you can create a lasting and fulfilling connection with your partner.

How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner You BOTH Enjoy

Find Common Interests with Your Partner to Reinforce Your Emotional Bond

Finding and nurturing common interests with your partner plays a key role in reinforcing the emotional bond between you. Engaging in shared activities allows both partners to experience joy and create lasting memories, ultimately strengthening your relationship.

One effective way to reinforce your emotional bond is simply by discussing your common interests with your partner.

Discuss your hobbies and passions, and be open to their input. As your love and friendship grow, your commitment to each other deepens.

To further reinforce the emotional bond, consider joining communities or clubs that cater to your shared interests. This not only gives you a regular space to enjoy activities together but also provides a support system that can contribute to enriching your marriage or partnership.

By investing time and energy in developing shared interests and increasing your level of emotional intimacy, you’ll find that your bond deepens and you’ll create a foundation of love, joy, and friendship that will help your relationship thrive for years to come.

Find Common Interests with Your Partner to Cultivate Healthy Communication

Not only does finding common interests with your partner reinforce your emotional bond, it also improves your communication!

Open Conversations

Cultivating healthy communication in a relationship is vital to building a strong bond with your partner. One way to do this is by utilizing the time you spend together in shared hobbies to initiate open conversations.

To foster a positive atmosphere, try sharing your feelings, thoughts, and experiences by using “I” statements. This way, you’ll be owning your own feelings, allowing your partner to understand you better without feeling blamed or accused.

Another crucial aspect of open communication is active listening.

As a partner, it’s essential to give your full attention, acknowledge your partner’s viewpoint, and empathize. Remember to maintain eye contact and use affirmative body language, like nodding, to show that you’re truly engaged in the conversation.

Bonus tip: Offering encouragement and reassurance while learning new hobbies can boost your bond, fostering a healthy relationship.

Resolving Arguments Constructively

Arguments are an inevitable part of any relationship, but especially when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone to explore new interests.

In order to resolve arguments constructively, try employing the following techniques:

  • Stay calm: Don’t let emotions take control; take a step back, breathe, and maintain a composed demeanor. This will set the stage for a more productive discussion.
  • Use “I” statements: Frame your concerns using your feelings and thoughts, preventing your partner from becoming defensive or closed-off.
  • Listen actively: Be attentive to your partner’s perspective, ask questions for clarity, and paraphrase their opinions to ensure understanding.
  • Seek compromise: Find a middle ground that both parties can accept and work towards that solution together.

By focusing on initiating open conversations and resolving arguments constructively, you can enhance your communication skills while pursuing new shared interests.

How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner You BOTH Enjoy

Exploring Interests as a Form of Self-Expression

Finding common interests with your partner can be a great way to bond and enhance your relationship. It offers a form of self-expression, allowing you both to share and engage with each other on a deeper level.

As you start to explore your individual interests, you might find that you each have unique hobbies and passions.

Don’t worry if your personal interests don’t initially align with your partner’s. The key is being open to trying something new.

Take the time to listen to each other’s ideas and learn about the activities that make you both feel excited and engaged.

If you’re unsure about how to uncover new hobbies together, trying out a variety of activities can help.

Whether it’s attending a local workshop or class, or simply signing up for a fun recreational sports league, immersing yourselves in a new environment allows you both to discover and develop new interests. Remember that you don’t have to be an expert in an activity to enjoy it together – the important part is sharing the experience with your partner and having fun.

Another way to explore and discuss personal interests is through open and honest communication.

Share your beliefs and values with one another, as these may provide insight into activities you both enjoy. Listening to your partner and understanding their perspective can create opportunities for you to find similarities and ultimately discover common interests.

In some cases, therapy can also prove to be a valuable tool for couples looking to explore their interests together. A therapist can help facilitate conversations that encourage self-expression and foster a deeper understanding of one another’s desires and passions.

In short, exploring interests as a form of self-expression with your partner can lead to a stronger, more enjoyable relationship. Embrace the journey and enjoy the process of expressing yourselves and creating shared experiences that will bring you closer together.

How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner You BOTH Enjoy

…and Now You Know How to Find Common Interests with Your Partner!

My husband and I eventually learned that our personal interests just weren’t our partner’s cup of tea. So instead, we’ve bonded over TV series, game apps, home improvement projects, and even tennis!

Finding common interests with your partner can significantly strengthen your relationship.

Remember to always be open to new experiences and share your passions with each other. By attending events, trying new hobbies, and traveling together, you and your partner can discover activities and interests that you both enjoy together.

Include your partner in your personal interests and hobbies, even if you initially enjoy doing them separately. This can create opportunities for bonding and discovering shared interests.

While it’s great to have shared interests in a relationship, it’s also important to maintain a sense of individuality. You both should continue to explore your own hobbies and interests, as it enriches your own experiences and helps maintain a healthy balance in your relationship.

In the end, finding common interests with your partner will not only make your relationship stronger but also create lasting memories and experiences that you both can cherish. Enjoy the journey of discovering new interests and strengthening your bond with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities can couples do together?

There are a multitude of activities couples can enjoy together, such as cooking, exercising, traveling, and trying out new hobbies. Engaging in these activities together helps create memorable experiences and strengthens the relationship.

Make sure to communicate openly and find activities you both enjoy.

How can we discover new hobbies as a couple?

Discovering new hobbies as a couple can be both fun and rewarding.

Start by discussing your individual interests and look for commonalities. Then, explore those interests and try new activities together.

Attend classes or workshops, join local clubs, or attend events related to your interests.

What are some ways to identify shared passions?

To identify shared passions, have open and honest conversations with your partner about your likes, dislikes, and what brings you joy.

Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. You may find that your individual interests overlap in unexpected ways, leading to shared passions.

Can we take a quiz to find common interests?

Yes, taking quizzes can be a fun and light-hearted way to discover common interests with your partner. There are several online quizzes available that can help you and your partner learn more about one another’s preferences and interests.

Keep in mind, however, that quizzes are just a starting point and deeper conversations are necessary for understanding your partner’s desires and passions.

How do couples build stronger bonds through shared activities?

Couples can build stronger bonds through shared activities by spending quality time together, learning new skills, and supporting one another in their individual growth. Shared activities also help strengthen communication, trust, and understanding between partners, all of which contribute to a deeper connection.

What shared experiences can bring us closer together?

Shared experiences that can bring couples closer together include facing challenges, trying new activities, learning from one another, and creating lasting memories. Some examples include traveling to new places, volunteering for a cause you both believe in, or participating in a physical activity like hiking or dancing.

The key is to find activities that both partners enjoy and that contribute to personal and relational growth.

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