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Children’s Book Review | Big Plans For Tomorrow

Big Plans For Tomorrow, written and illustrated by Carli Valentine, offers a sweet and imaginative bedtime story for kids ages two to eight years old.

Children’s Book Review | Big Plans For Tomorrow

The book starts with Sammy, a young boy who is getting ready for bed. After taking a bath, brushing his teeth, and cuddling with his mom for a bit, he and Mom venture upstairs to his room.

As he snuggles into bed, Sammy asks, “Mommy, tomorrow what are we gonna do together?” His mom asks him what he’d like to do, which opens the door to his imagining loads of magical adventures.

From building a block tower city that fills the entire house, to swinging so high at the playground that he floats into the clouds, to blasting off to outer space, Sammy imagines the next day’s plans until he falls asleep.

Big Plans For Tomorrow Review

This book is the perfect bedtime story! From telling the story of a little boy going to bed, to the illustrator’s artful transition from light and bright illustrations to dark and dreamy as the story progresses, it invites even the parent reading it to slow down for the day.

It also introduces lots of imaginary scenarios that are kids’ dreams come true. (What kid wouldn’t love an ice cream cone so big you need a ladder to eat it?!)

The scenarios are sure to leave children in a happy and positive mindset just before bed, and maybe even fuel some real-life sweet dreams!

Children’s Book Review | Big Plans For Tomorrow

I appreciated how the story also encouraged creativity! From imagining everyday fun (like building blocks and playgrounds) to out-of-this world adventures (like under the sea), Sammy’s imagination is sure to spur the imaginations of those reading the story.

And while the book is about Sammy and his mom’s nighttime ritual, it will definitely inspire the parents and children reading the book to create similar rituals. Dreaming together at the end of the day is a fantastic way to open up a conversation and bond over your favorite things, and this story offers a beautiful example.

The illustrations were fun and introduced a dream-like quality to the story. From the wispy clouds in the sky to an underwater scene that almost seems to glow, kids are sure to notice and enjoy all of the small details.

There’s also a fun challenge at the beginning of the book to find Sammy’s kitty and bunny on every page. This adds another piece to the experience of reading and will encourage children to more fully take in every scene.

Children’s Book Review | Big Plans For Tomorrow

Overall, this is a sweet book to help usher in bedtime that both parents and kids will enjoy reading together. You can find the book on Amazon and can follow author Carli Valentine on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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