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Healthy Meal Delivery | I Tested Factor & Hungryroot

If you’re trying to eat healthy but short on time, you’ve likely slowed your scroll a bit when the internet markets healthy meal delivery services your way. Most of the ads even boast extra savings for first-time subscribers!

But…how long do you have to subscribe? And how much is it really?

And is the food even any good?! Will your family eat it?

These are all questions I asked myself about several of the healthy meal delivery services I saw advertised. We all want to know which are the best meal delivery services, right?

So I decided to take the plunge for you! I wanted to offer a thorough review and comparison from our brutally honest family.

I tried roughly ten meals/servings worth of Hungryroot and Factor. Here’s what I found!

Hungryroot‘s Healthy Meal Delivery

My quest started with Hungryroot, who boasts high-quality ingredients, healthy meals, and even potential weight loss. “Let us do your grocery shopping,” they advertise.

And true to their claims, this meal kit delivery service made me feel like I was walking into a kitchen full of appliances singing, “Be our guest! Be our guest!” Right out of the gate, they ask you to take a quiz regarding your preferences.

Questions include things like, “Do you like these kinds of meats?”, “How do you usually eat throughout the day?” and “What looks good for breakfast?”

Based on your answers, the website will suggest a specific number of meals and snacks (allowing you to adjust the number if you’d like), then fill your cart based on what you’ve told them…after you’ve paid for your first delivery.

It was a bit unnerving for me to pay $75 (after discounts and free shipping) sight unseen. I would have preferred to see exactly what I’d be getting for that amount before sharing my card number.

However, you are brought to your pre-filled cart immediately after paying. Here you’ll be able to view your suggested weekly menu and swap meals and snacks for something else if you don’t think you’ll enjoy their suggestions.

What’s interesting about Hungryroot is that rather than displaying dollar amounts, each item requires a certain number of credits. For example, organic green chile guacamole calls for three credits, while pork carnitas call for five.

While this system simplifies the purchase process in many ways, it also makes it difficult to know exactly how much you’re paying for guacamole.

The order arrived on time, carefully packaged in a refrigerated box. These would be all the ingredients I would need (outside of staples like olive oil and salt) to create five healthy meals for two people, to make ten meals/servings total.

It also included healthy snacks for between meals, half of which my husband and daughter immediately devoured and declared, “Best ever! They already win!”

Weekly menu recipe cards were printed together on one page, were incredibly simple, and all promised to require only fifteen minutes to prepare. They can promise this because all meat comes pre-seasoned and pre-cooked, no real meal prep required, with instructions to warm it on the stovetop.

The first meal, a spicy chicken panini, received rave reviews from my entire family. The rest, however, were a bit mixed, with my husband being the only one who enjoyed the flatbread and my daughter and I devouring the pasta alone.

And of course, I was the only one who ate the broccoli black bean burrito bowl. My family couldn’t commit to too much healthy eating…

The general consensus on Hungryroot was that there were a few delicious meals, some okay meals, and lots of snacks that became new favorites. (Their almond chickpea cookie dough was immediately declared my husband’s all-time favorite cookie.)

We also enjoyed that the meal’s fresh ingredients provided us with several leftover staples, like sandwich rounds, spinach, and artichoke dip.

If you’re going for pure health (and/or weight loss) and mostly fantastic taste, Hungryroot’s weekly menu is for you. They allow you to experience the warm fuzzies that come from cooking your family a meal without the majority of meal prep and actual cooking falling to you.

We appreciated feeling as if we enjoyed a family-style meal rather than the microwavable premade meals provided by Factor.

After our first healthy meal delivery experiment, I ordered again from Hungryroot, just two meals per week plus snacks. I’m enjoying the ease they provide in adding some healthy variety to our family’s weekly menu.

Want a discount code to try it for yourself? Use special code WMSMGSUX to get $50 off your first Hungryroot delivery!

Factor‘s Healthy Meal Delivery

Factor’s biggest differentiator is that they’re a “keto” meal service, meaning meals are high in healthy fats and low in carbs to adhere to a ketogenic diet. So they might not be one of the best meal delivery services for you if you don’t care to follow a keto diet.

(If weight loss via premade meals is your ultimate goal, I personally feel Factor’s worth a try, keto or not.)

Because I ordered 10 meals/servings (plus snacks) from Hungryroot, I aimed as close as possible to that number of meals with Factor…to attempt to provide a fair price comparison.

When you first start an order with Factor, you’ll be asked how many healthy meals per week you’d like them to provide. I went with 12, which came out to $98 with free shipping after my discount codes.

Factor allows you to either review all available meals for a given week or view them through filters such as “Ketogenic,” “Low Calorie,” or “Plant Based.”

You can easily review meal ingredients and nutrition facts by clicking the “See Ingredients & Nutrition” prompt that appears when you hover over each meal. This makes it perfect for keto purposes, since you can easily see the amount of healthy fats in each meal.

Because meals are ketogenic and therefore high in healthy fats, most calorie counts landed in the 500-800 calorie range.

But these meals were huge. I couldn’t bring myself to finish several meals, like the breakfast enchilada bake.

Meals arrived nicely packaged in a refrigerated box. All meals provided instructions for both microwave and oven warming options, which was unexpected and absolutely appreciated!

One thing that really stood out to my family about Factor was that every meal was fantastic! Sure, they were premade meals, but they didn’t taste like premade meals for even a second. 

Factori’s high-quality ingredients were fresh and delicious, and everything just tasted…clean…healthy. Every Factor meal we ate made us feel like we were doing something healthy for our bodies just by eating dinner.

However, I did notice that not all meals met ketogenic diet requirements, which would be a huge consideration for those counting macros!

For example, when I entered the breakfast enchilada bake into my macro tracker, I found it was only 55% healthy fats, 23% protein, and a high (for keto) 22% carbohydrates. Each meal’s macros should definitely be reviewed prior to ordering.

In the end, this is a service that my husband requested we pick back up after our healthy meal delivery experiment had ended. He enjoyed their healthy meals and knowing that he was putting nutritious foods into his body, and felt the price was fair and a much better alternative to eating out.

Want a discount code to try it for yourself? Use this link to get $40 off!

Selecting the Best Meal Kit Delivery Service

When you’re on the hunt for the best meal delivery services, the freshness and quality of ingredients, along with the meal plan variety, should be your top considerations. You’ll want to ensure you have delicious, nutrient-packed meals that cater both to your preferences and dietary requirements.

Aiming For High-Quality, Fresh Ingredients

Ingredients: To guarantee you’re receiving the best nutrition and taste, check if the service sources fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Seek out services that detail where their produce comes from, and give preference to those partnering with local farms. This not only supports local businesses but also often results in fresher ingredients on your plate.

Storage and Delivery: Freshness extends beyond the sourcing of high-quality ingredients—it also relates to how they’re stored and transported. Your meals should arrive in proper, cold-packed packaging to maintain freshness from transit to your table.

Understanding Meal Plan Options

Customization: You should have the ability to tailor your meal plan to fit your dietary needs. This might include low-carb, vegan, or paleo options, providing you with a variety of choices that suit your lifestyle.

Frequency: The best meal delivery services typically offer a range of number of meals from just a few per week to a full plan for each day. This flexibility allows you to integrate the service into your routine, whether it be for busy weekdays or the occasional culinary break.

Variety: Look for a service that switches up its menu regularly, keeping your taste buds excited and your nutrition varied. A good sign is a rotating weekly menu with multiple dishes to choose from, so your palate never grows weary.

By paying attention to these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding a meal delivery service that satisfies your appetite and supports your well-being.

Other Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Not sold on Hungryroot or Factor? There are loads of meal kit delivery service options available, each catering to different dietary restrictions and meal prep needs.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones:

  1. HelloFresh: Known for its easy-to-follow recipe cards and fresh ingredients, HelloFresh offers a variety of meal plans, including a “Fit & Wholesome” option designed for those seeking a healthy diet for weight loss.
  2. Blue Apron: This service is known for its chef-designed recipes and sustainable ingredient sourcing. They offer a Wellness menu that includes nutritionist-approved, carb-conscious, and WW Recommended nutritious meals.
  3. Sunbasket: Sunbasket focuses on organic produce and high-quality ingredients, providing meal kits and premade meals with options for various diets like paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and diabetes-friendly.
  4. Home Chef: Home Chef offers a range of meal options, including calorie-conscious and carb-conscious choices for those looking to maintain a healthy diet.
  5. Green Chef: Specializing in organic ingredients, Green Chef offers meal plans tailored to specific dietary needs such as keto, paleo, and plant-based diets.
  6. Daily Harvest: This healthy meal service provides a variety of frozen, plant-based meals that are great for breakfast, lunch, or a healthy snack. Their offerings include smoothies, soups, bowls, and more.
  7. Purple Carrot: Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service offering healthy vegan meals that are high in protein and nutrients.
  8. Splendid Spoon: This service boasts plant-powered premade meal plans catered to a wide variety of dietary needs, including high fiber, high protein, low calorie, and more.
  9. Sakara Life: This healthy meal service offers organic, plant-based meals designed for holistic health and wellness. These healthy meals are ready to eat and include detox teas and functional supplements.

The availability of these services may vary based on location, and the market is always evolving with new entrants and changes to existing services. It’s important to consider your specific dietary needs, budget, and taste preferences when choosing a meal delivery service.

Benefits of Meal Deliveries

Meal delivery services are designed to bring convenience to your healthy eating habits. They provide you with portion-controlled delicious meals that are often designed by nutrition experts to ensure you receive a balance of nutrients.

Ensuring Nutritious Meal Intake

With meal deliveries, you no longer have to worry about whether your meals contain the right balance of nutrients. Many services offer nutritious meals that are crafted to meet specific dietary guidelines, providing you with the proteins, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

You can choose meal plans that offer natural and organic ingredients, ensuring your food is free from pesticides and artificial substances. This is a great step toward cleaner, healthy eating.

Contribution to Weight Loss Goals

Many meal delivery services cater to weight loss by offering calorie-controlled meal plans. These plans help you keep track of your intake and support your goals without the need for extensive meal planning and preparation.

Advantages Over Traditional Grocery Shopping

Meal delivery services offer several advantages over traditional grocery store shopping:

  • Time-saving: Skip the grocery store lines and the meal prep process.
  • Reduced Food Waste: Pre-portioned ingredients mean you only get what you need.
  • Diverse Culinary Experience: Enjoy a range of flavors and delicious meals that might be outside your usual cooking repertoire.

Each benefit contributes to a seamless routine, encouraging healthy eating without the stress of meal planning and preparation.

The Convenience of Meal Prep and Cooking

In today’s fast-paced world, you might find it challenging to balance health with convenience. This section explores the rise of premade meal delivery services and how they revitalize the dinner experience with ease.

Unpacking the Premade Meal Trend

Premade meals have surged as a top choice for those seeking efficiency without sacrificing nutrition. These healthy meal delivery services alleviate the time you would spend on meal planning and grocery shopping.

By subscribing, you receive balanced, delicious meals that simply need reheating. It’s a straightforward yet effective solution that caters to your busy schedule.

Simple Cooking with Recipe Cards

If you’re more interested in hands-on cooking but still want convenience, recipe card services offer a middle ground.

Each week, you’ll get pre-portioned ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card for each meal. This approach not only minimizes food waste but also introduces you to new flavors and cooking techniques in a manageable way.

Recipe Cards Benefits:

  • Simplifies Cooking: With ingredients and steps laid out, you can focus on cooking instead of prep work.
  • Educational: You’ll learn new recipes you can recreate anytime.
  • Customizable: Choose dietary preferences to suit your lifestyle.

By incorporating either premade meals or recipe card options into your routine, you ensure that nutrition and taste come hand in hand with the added bonus of saving time.

Guidance and Insights from Nutrition Experts

When considering meal delivery services, you have the added benefit of expertise from nutrition experts and registered dietitians who ensure your dietary needs are met.

Collaborations with Registered Dieticians

The best healthy meal delivery services work closely with registered dietitians to create balanced meal plans.

When you choose a meal kit delivery service, you’re not just getting a meal; you’re benefiting from the knowledge of nutrition professionals who help design meals that support various dietary needs, whether you’re gluten-free, paleo, or interested in Mediterranean options.

Nutritional Education Resources

Additionally, these services often provide nutritional education resources to help you understand the benefits of the ingredients you’re consuming.

The best healthy meal delivery services don’t just deliver food; they educate you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through well-informed food choices, reinforcing the value of every meal you consume.

And there it is – the pros and cons of two of the best meal delivery services on the market today! Whether your goal is weight loss or just eating more nutritious meals, I hope you can save a little time, effort, and money with these reviews.

What do you feel are the best meal delivery services? Be sure to share in the comments!

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