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Hello, Self-Love! Why You Shouldn’t Hold Out For Your Goal Weight to Buy Cute Clothes

I Didn’t “Bounce Back” Into My Pre-Baby Clothes

You know those women that have a baby and walk out of the hospital wearing non-maternity jeans? I’m not one of those women. You know those women that are back into their pre-baby clothes within 3-4 months of giving birth? I’m not one of those women either. In fact, I fought like hell to fit back into my pre-baby clothes for the better part of the last two and a half years.

I told myself that if I bought clothes in a larger size, I’d be accepting the extra weight, and therefore destined to carry it forever.

I told myself that I didn’t need cute clothes at that size, I just needed to lose weight.

I told myself I would never feel beautiful again unless I fit into my pre-baby clothes.

I told myself lies.

You know what’s funny? The goal weight in my head wasn’t even the size I was in my early twenties…not even high school. I was aiming for what would be the best shape of my life, and determined not to buy new clothes until I reached that goal.

The Problem with My Pre-Baby Clothes

But here’s the problem.

First, wearing stretched out clothes that don’t fit me comfortably anymore makes me, well, uncomfortable. It’s hard to feel confident when you’re constantly pulling, stretching, and rearranging your clothes over your stomach and hips. It’s difficult to not want to jump out of your skin when it’s 95°, but you’re wearing a hoodie to hide the back fat accentuated by your extra fitted shirt.

Second, it’s challenging to feel cute for date night when I’m wearing the same outfit I’ve worn every date night for the last three years. When my shirt is fuzzy from 100 washes, my jeans have reached that dangerous point where you’re afraid they might fall apart if you wash them again, and my silver-colored necklace has turned brassy from wear.

Finally, when I constantly feel uncomfortable, worn-looking, and outdated, my response tends to be Ben. And Jerry. And wine, because of course.

Feeling like that doesn’t exactly fill me with the motivation I need to get to the gym, or to occasionally say no to dessert. When I’m depressed and disappointed in myself, I stop taking care of myself.

I started thinking recently about what I would do if I knew I only had a few months left to live, how I would spend my time. And you know what? The number on the scale didn’t even cross my mind. It made me wonder why I give the scale so much power over my emotions and life today.

I Don’t Need My Pre-Baby Clothes to Feel Cute Again

So I’ve started buying some cute, new clothes in bigger sizes. I’ve spent some time trying on a bunch of different things to find some that flatter my shape, and that get me really excited about wearing them.

I’m thinking differently about trying on clothes. Rather than focusing on wearing a certain size on a tag, I’m telling myself I have to find the size that makes me feel most comfortable and confident. And anyway, we all know how jacked up sizing is, am I right?!

It’s stirring up a new mindset in me, one of self-love instead of self-hatred or self-loathing. Rather than beating myself up over my weight or shape or (lack of) muscle tone, I’m accepting myself as the woman my husband loves, the mother my daughter can’t live without, and a kind and encouraging friend to others. And I’m giving myself permission to treat myself to cute clothes now, instead of holding out for my goal weight.

You know that feeling, when you put on a new outfit that you just know is ah-mazing? When your clothes fit well, and your accessories are on point? When you feel like you have to go somewhere, because your outfit is too cute to waste on watching tv at home? It’s empowering!

Self-Love Leads to Self-Care

And when I feel empowered, I treat myself better. I drink more water, get out of my house more, move my body more. Suddenly a salad sounds light and refreshing, instead of sounding like a punishment.

Plus, feeling happy and confident in my own skin boosts my energy and motivation. Sure, I’ll fire up that kickboxing workout video! I already feel like a bad a**, I might as well learn some Liam Neeson moves!

I only have one body, and I want it to last as long as possible. So I’m working hard to take care of that body. I’m trying to eat well, move more, and invest some time and energy into my own self-care. But now when I do those things, I’m doing them because I love myself, not because I hate myself.

Pre-Baby Clothes | Don’t Hold Out For Your Goal Weight to Buy Cute Clothes

Wrap It Up

So, friend that’s been waiting to buy new clothes until you reach your goal weight, buy your clothes now. Buy them in that bigger size. Don’t settle for clothes that kind of fit.

Buy clothes that make you feel freaking fantastic. Heck, buy some matching accessories too!

You’ll feel more comfortable and confident, and feeling like a bad a** is going to give you the energy and self-love you need to take better care of yourself. Because you deserve good health! And you deserve to love your body. Here’s to you, friend!

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